We are well-known in Montgomery for our reliable, accurate and affordable mystical readings.

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Mystical Psychic by Dorothy in Montgomery offers superior quality psychic and mystical services at extremely affordable rates. We are popular in Montgomery for offering the superior quality astrology readings.

We at, Mystical Psychic by Dorothy, Montgomery, provides services like mystical reading, astrology reading, counseling for relationship problems, counseling for mental problems, alcohol problems counseling, drugs abuse counseling, marriage counseling and much more. Started way back in the year 1967, we have been serving people from Montgomery and the nearby region. We aim to provide every client approaching us with the right solution. The ambiance and structure of our workplace itself bring an enormous amount of positivity in our thoughts. Our team member will strengthen your confidence in their assertiveness and right predictions. Every team member is a certified and qualified in their specialized field of future telling and spiritual solutions. In two decades, we have enriched ourselves with various experiences. We have different experiences to share that will take you back.

If you feel, you have reached the dead-end of life or want to know the solution to succeed in a career or want a get yourself out of depression, call us. We will find the right solution to your queries.

Our Services

Mystical Reading

The psychic power is the ability to know things around us without any logical reason. This is what we call our 'sixth sense' or extrasensory perception; it is where energy is channeled through the third eye.

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Astrology Reading

The study of the movement and positions of the stars and planets and how they influence our life is called as astrology. The western astrology is often reported to us with as a horoscope...

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Relationship Problems

A romance complication is a common issue in today's generation. People, when they're torn between the relationship issues, require knowledge about their future and counseling...

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