About Us

Mystical Psychic by Dorothy came into the being in 1967 in Montgomery, with a sole purpose to help people with accurate psychic, mystical and astrology reading. We are well-known in Montgomery for our reliable, accurate and affordable mystical readings.

The rational world has its defined formulas. Similarly, the world of irrationals has certain rules. There are some times in our lives where logical and rational thinking reaches its limits with no results. We then rush to the shelter of spiritual methods of finding solutions to various problems in your life. Mystical Psychic by Dorothy in Montgomery is a six-decade old organization where you can find the perfect solution for any challenge in your life. If you are frustrated by the series of hurdles in life, then give us a chance to relieve your concerns. We, with years of experience in the field, will surely find the cause and the solution to your problems. We believe each person needs to feel valued and understood within the parameters of the relationship. We help them by offering insight into how the foundational dynamics and energy of the bonds can be utilized to bring perpetual and unconditional love. By opening the multiple channels of communication through intuitive guidance, you will be able to see your life and your relationships in a new light.

Our skilled and experienced psychics and astrologers offer mystical reading, astrology reading, counseling for relationship problems, counseling for mental problems, alcohol problems counseling, drugs abuse counseling, marriage counseling and much more. Don’t lose hope. The ray of hope may be just around the corner. Visit us or call us and we will have the best solution for you.